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Are you looking for peace and quiet? On the water or on dry land? Then Waterland van Friesland is your destination. In this area between the Afsluitdijk and the Wouda pumping station, the dynamics between water and land can be experienced everywhere. Enjoy the Frisian lakes, chugging along our impressive waterways. Blow away the cobwebs on the vast IJsselmeer shores, with panoramic views. Experience seven of the famous eleven cities. Escape from the hustle and bustle, by visiting Waterland van Friesland!

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Waterland van Friesland is the name fort he region of Southwest Friesland. Here water and land merge to offer unique opportunities for biking, sailing or hiking. Experience the region with seven of the eleven famous Frisian cities, the Frisian lakes, the IJsselmeer shores, the Gaasterland woods, a landscape of national importance and so much more.