We are 'Waterland of Friesland'

Experience how the water has shaped our country between the Woudagemaal (steam-driven pumping station) and the Afsluitdijk. Water is  the designer of our country. Let the story of land and water inspire you. Marvel at the impact of the pumping station on the landscape. This is also  true for the Afsluitdijk. Here, the survival of the Dutch in the Delta, through  the centuries and in view of the future of climate change and sea-level rise, is at the forefront. The dike has made the Netherlands safer and has made it possible to recover additional land. It is extraordinary how you can still see this today.

Southwest Friesland is known for its beautiful Frisian lakes, the variety of landscapes, and beautiful views. Due to the constant play between water and land, many valuable natural areas have come into being such as the nature reserve along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast, the Gaasterland forests, or the vast estates with mounds and dikes that have been shaped by the water. 

In this beautiful setting, you will discover the versatility of the area. Nowhere in the Netherlands you will find such a beautiful contiguous and varied sailing area: the famous Frisian Lakes. Canals and channels, winding rivers, special nature reserves, and cosy harbour towns. It's all there. Whether you like sailing, kite surfing, hiking, or cycling: you can experience the landscape in different ways.

National Landscape Southwest Fryslân

The meadows with dikes, farms and terp villages, the vast lakes, and picturesque villages and towns abruptly turn into the ancient forests of Gaasterland. South of Balk and east of Warns the hills begin that once were pushed up by the ice cap and end as cliffs at the banks of the IJsselmeer. In this way, openness and water encounter relief and shelter.

Gazing over land and water as far as the eye can see

Gently rolling hills, as far as the eye can see. Meadows, hedgerows, and woods. Church towers of old villages in between the fields. Gaasterland is full of history; literally and figuratively. Everywhere the IJsselmeer and the Frisian Lakes are within reach. Until 1932, cliffs developed along the coast due to the beating waves; these cliffs could become very steep. The Red Cliff nearby Warns is a good example of this. The top rises up to ten meters above the water level of the IJsselmeer. The view from the cliff is phenomenal.

This area has a unique water metropolis, with icons that tell a unique story. Experience these extraordinary stories in Waterland of Friesland.

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