Book your stay in Waterland

In Waterland van Friesland, there are lovely options for 'koese', the Frisian word for sleeping. Because a single day in Waterland van Friesland will not always be enough, as we can well imagine. Luckily for you, Southwest Friesland offers some fantastic 'koesen' options. Book yourself a room and enjoy one of our hotels or bed & breakfasts. Or do you picture yourself in a holiday home on the water? With your own tent or caravan, stay at one of the many campsites, small and cosy or large and fun. Groups will find plenty of choice at sailing schools and farms. There are no wrong choices here!


Take a morning dip from your own patio, drink coffee on your private deck, enjoy the fantastic view and relax with drinks in the evening sun. Can you imagine yourself sitting on one of the houseboats of Rent to ENJOY? You can simply sit back and do nothing. An experienced private skipper will accompany you!

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In the traditional Attema-Sate farm, where the road ends in Gaastmeer, stay as a guest under the beams where cattle used to stand. The atmosphere is rustic and pure. You'll sleep in a 'feintekeamer', where the farm hands would have slept, in a small room above the cowshed. Or you could opt for an old-fashioned cupboard bed. The panoramic room created in the loft offers fantastic views of the Frisian lakes.

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