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Flows in Waterland

Discover the waterworks and waterways

Where there’s a will, there’s a waterway. Or a waterwork. For although water always seeks and finds the easiest way, the ‘Waterland man’ will take the most difficult way if he has to – depending on what he wants. By working together with the water one moment and then fighting it the next. This interaction with water has marked both man and landscape. Join us on a journey along this story trail of waterworks and waterways and discover picturesque places and colourful people. Go with the flow and discover the flagships of Waterland van Friesland.

  • 1/ Wouda pumping station

    Waterland’s arteries are filled with water. In the battle against excessively high or low water levels, the Ir. D.F. Wouda pumping station from 1920 is still one of the beating hearts.

    1/ Wouda pumping station
  • 2/ Frisian lakes

    The Frisian lakes that everyone enjoys now haven’t always been there. There are several stories about their origins.

    2/ Frisian lakes
  • 3/ Eel fishing

    Go with the flow and follow the eels in Waterland van Friesland. As a result of sustainable eel management in Friesland, prosperous times are slowly returning.

    3/ Eel fishing
  • 4/ Aqueduct

    Going from A to B overland around 1400? Impossible! The water was the highway then. Waterland was far too ‘soggy’ at the time to move over land. This gave rise to a sophisticated network of waterways, which now everyone can enjoy in their own way.

    4/ Aqueduct
  • 5/ Skûtsjesilen

    In July and August, traditionally ‘skûtsjesilen’ takes place on the Frisian lakes.

    5/ Skûtsjesilen
  • 6/ Wood saw mill

    Like water flows from high elevation to low, so air flows from high pressure to low. The energy of flowing air is captured in the sails of wood sawmill De Rat in IJlst, where logs are sawn into planks.

    6/ Wood saw mill
  • 7/ Drowned land

    In 1680, the wind drove water levels so high that the water drowned an entire village.

    7/ Drowned land
  • 8/ Cliffs

    On the shores of the IJsselmeer in Gaasterland you will find the only three cliffs in the Netherlands:  Oudemirdum, Mirns and the Rode Klif (red cliff) near Warns.

    8/ Cliffs
  • 9/ Bend of Molkwar

    Meander along the IJsselmeer shores on the ‘Noorderdijk’, between Hindeloopen and Stavoren, and stop at the ‘Bocht fan Molkwar’.

    9/ Bend of Molkwar
  • 10/ Raised village

    There’s no better option for anyone wanting to experience the life of times gone by than in Allingawier and the museum village found here.

    10/ Raised village
  • 11/ Towpath

    Are you familiar with them? Those delightful narrow little paths along the waterways? They are our towpaths.

    11/ Towpath
  • 12/ Pingjumer Gulden Halsband

    Snake along on this thousand-yearold seawall. A ‘gulden’ or ‘golden’ spot for cycling, walking or horse riding.

    12/ Pingjumer Gulden Halsband
  • 13/ The Afsluitdijk

    Is the iconic Afsluitdijk the start or end of your journey along the waterways and waterworks? The fact is, you really shouldn’t miss it, as you must see the Afsluitdijk, even if only once in your life.

    13/ The Afsluitdijk

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