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Frisian city of IJlst

IJlst (or Drylts in Frisian) is not only one of the famous 11 cities, but also a 'wood city'. For many years, tree trunks were processed here by the legendary wood trading companies Oppedijk and S.O. de Vries. The iconic wood sawmill known as the Rat is a lasting reminder of those days. IJlst is also known for its characteristic 'overtuinen' waterside gardens, where the Overtuinen fair is organised each year: a fair featuring historic décor along the canal. Would you like to discover IJlst?


One of the oldest Frisian 'extreme sports' is fierljeppen, a unique form of pole vaulting. 'Simply' climb up the pole and try to get as far as possible over a wide ditch. You can even try this for yourself in IJlst, by booking a clinic in IJlst. Plenty of laughs guaranteed! You'll be supervised by a team of experienced people, at one of the best facilities in the Netherlands. Once you've practised a little, you'll discover how much muscle strength it takes to climb to the top of the pole and cross the ditch as far as possible.

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