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Water sports village of Woudsend

The location of Woudsend (or Wâldsein as we say in Friesland) between two Frisian lakes and along the Elfstedentocht route makes it a true water sports village. Throughout the years, this trading village has very successfully retained all its traditional charm. Wander around narrow alleyways, passing renovated buildings and discovering surprising vistas. And you certainly mustn't forget to visit the churches and wood sawmill De Jager. You also won't want to miss the festive Wâldseiner Wykein weekend, which is filled with fun. There are plenty of activities for young and old alike each year in June. Would you like to enjoy the charm of Woudsend?

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The old trading village of Woudsend lies nestled between the Heegermeer and Slotermeer lakes. Wander around pleasant old alleyways with the route map as your guide; what names will you discover on the wall of the Kollegat alleyway? Certainly also worth a visit is windmill Het Lam, where various types of grain are still ground, and you can buy some for your next home baking efforts. Galleries on the Midstrjitte and the Lewâl present beautiful artworks and stories.

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