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Unique cities and villages in Southwest Friesland

Southwest Friesland is home to no less than 140 villages and 7 of the famous eleven Frisian cities. Each of the Waterland cities has its own charm. Here, you'll find tell-tale signs of the rich trading past and maritime history. In 2018, we even created a new Elfstedentocht. Not connected by ice like the original skating event, but by the sparkling water of fountains. Where can you find 7 fountains made by 7 top international artists? In the Frisian cities of Waterland van Friesland! Modern art and historic cultural treasures. Water, nature and culture. Bursting at the seams with stories. Discover the secrets of Waterland van Friesland!

The famous Frisian cities of Waterland van Friesland


Do you want to truly discover Southwest Friesland? Then don't forget to visit our villages. Beautiful, picturesque locations await you, each with their own history and landmarks. And to make it even more fun, some of them are even much larger than our Frisian cities. Plenty to discover there!

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