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Water sports in Southwest Friesland

The ultimate outdoor experience, with the wind in your hair and the warm sun on your skin. Endless stretches of water or small canals and waterways. Waterland van Friesland is the ideal water sports paradise! Simply a day out sailing with friends or a longer water sports holiday. Did you know that Southwest Friesland has more than 350 free mooring spots? More than 50 of them can be found in the middle of the Frisian lakes. And if you moor at such a blue and yellow MarBoei, you have it all to yourself for a while.

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Tips for water sports in Friesland

set and free

Every year there were more and now there are more than 100: the MarBoeien of 'recreatieschap Marrekrite' in the Frisian waters. Most yellow-blue buoys are located in Waterland van Friesland, but always in a special place in the middle of the water.

Free moorings

They can be found everywhere in Friesland and there are more than 350 in Waterland van Friesland. Free moorings of the Marrekrite. You can stay here for a maximum of three days. All moorings can be found here.


Go out with your own boat and discover the Frisian lakes. Enjoy the Eflsteden, nature and the most beautiful sailing area in our country. Read here where you can launch your boat in Southwest Friesland.

Bicycles on board

een paar mensen die over een smal fietspad fietsen

More and more water sports are taking a (folding) bicycle on the boat to discover Southwest Friesland from the shore.


Splash into the water with the one and only Frisian swimming trunks. In our webshop you will find Frisian clothes, caps, souvenirs and books. Shop here for your memento of your water sports holiday in Friesland.

Sailing routes

Sailing routes

Enjoy a wonderful day on the water with the sup, canoe, electric sloop or boat. We are happy to give you inspiration for a beautiful sailing route or suproute.

Bridge and lock times

When you sail through Waterland van Friesland you will encounter bridges and locks everywhere. Therefore the bridge times in Friesland are listed for you.

Water maps and flags

The water maps and boat flags are of course indispensable when you are on the Frisian waters. Order them online via our webshop.

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