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Visit picturesque Hindeloopen

Discover Elfstedenstad Hindeloopen and its surroundings

Hindeloopen, or Hylpen as we say in Friesland, is known for its painting and stylish costumes from the past. Go on a journey to the picturesque town and discover the history of this important trading city on the IJsselmeer. Walk over the many bridges, authentic town houses and find special vistas. Be sure to visit the first Frisian Iceskating Museum with the largest collection of skates in the world. Hindeloopen is also the setting for popular events such as the Elfstedentocht and the IFKS Skûtsjesilen. In 2018 the Lonely Planet named Hindeloopen a 'top experience'. Come and visit this beautiful city.

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Hindelooper Painting

Elegant patterns of flowers, leaves and birds on wooden furniture and also on souvenirs characterize the Hindelooper Painting. Visit one of the few painters in Hindeloopen who still has this art or try to master it yourself by participating in a workshop.

Hindelooper Traditional costume

In the 17th century, the Hindelooper women regularly crossed the Zuiderzee in the barge to wave their sailors off or to pick them up in Amsterdam. There they saw exotic treasures, such as beautifully decorated cotton fabrics. At home they used the fabrics in their own costumes. Combining flowers and materials resulted in a colorful whole.

twee dames in klederdracht maken een foto op de dijk

First Frisian Iceskatingmuseum

The Frisian Elfstedentocht is the oldest and also the first skating tour along the eleven cities of Friesland. On January 2, 1909, the first Elfstedentocht on iceskates took place. Really wintery weather is needed with sufficient and severe frost. The last Eleven Cities Tour took place on January 4, 1997. The tour of more than 200 kilometers has taken place 15 times so far. In the Iceskating Museum you will learn more about the Tour of Tours

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een vitrine in het schaatsmuseum

Walking on the dike

Get to know the walking route between the two Frisian Hanseatic cities: Stavoren and Hindeloopen, located on the former Zuiderzee. On the IJsselmeerdijk you walk among the sheep along the nature reserve of the Fryske Gea: the Bocht van Molkwar. During this 11 km long route it is nice and challenging because of the fences that you have to climb over every now and then. To go back to Stavoren you take the Arriva train in a relaxed way. So put on your walking shoes and walk along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast.

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schapen op de dijk tijdens wandeling van stavoren naar hindeloopen

This is Hindeloopen, one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Friesland.


Tourist information Hindeloopen

The Tourist Information in Hindeloopen is located at the Museum Hindeloopen. You will always be personally attended by a 'local'. So ask them about everything you want to know about experiences in Southwest Friesland. Also pick up the free inspiration magazine and the inspiration newspaper full of events and stories.

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