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Makkum: beach and water fun

Are you looking for an enormous beach, a fun boulevard and a lively historic village? Then Makkum is the place to be. The IJsselmeer lake offers plenty of space for you to take a dip and for countless water sports activities. Makkum is also becoming an increasingly popular spot for (kite)surfers. Add to that the many campsites and holiday homes, and your holiday is complete!

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Welcome to the water sports paradise: Makkum. Whatever the weather: you'll nearly always find windsurfers and kitesurfers here. The IJsselmeer lake at Makkum is one of the seven kitesurfing hotspots of Southwest Friesland. There's often enough wind on the lake and the shallow water makes it very suitable for beginners. Have you never surfed before? Why not take a few lessons at one of the many surfing schools?

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