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Beach Resorts Makkum - Duinvilla 4 personen


Four-person villa in the dunes

Detached, spacious thatched villa. The villa is not located directly on the water, but it is close to the beach and is therefore ideally suited for a stay with small children. This villa also has a garden with two terraces, a large conservatory, living room with sitting area, open kitchen with Senseo and coffee maker, kettle, toaster and fridge/freezer combination. This dune villa has 2 bedrooms.

This beautiful Beach Resorts Makkum is located on the edge of Makkum, close to the wide beach, the boulevard and of course the IJsselmeer. The resort has a unique location, with a large part of the holiday homes directly on the IJsselmeer or connected to the IJsselmeer by inland waterway. There are different types of homes, from four-person apartments to twelve-person holiday homes!

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max. 4 persons
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Here you will find Beach Resorts Makkum - Duinvilla 4 personen

Langezand 2
8754 HR Makkum
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