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Lemmer: beach, fun and UNESCO World Heritage

The beach, the rich history, the heated pavement cafés of what was once only a 'settlement', are the ingredients for a relaxing day in Waterland van Friesland. Listen to the old Lemmer stories during a walk with the tour guide, about the fisheries, trade and shipping. Take a walk 'around the Dock', the streets around the water in the centre. From Lemmer beach, you can take a refreshing dip in the IJsselmeer lake. A must see is the UNESCO World Heritage Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal, the largest steam-operated pumping station still functioning in the world!

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Lemmer Beach

Lemmer beach, though you may sometimes also see it referred to as Lemsterstrand, is a beautiful beach on the shores of the IJsselmeer. And that within walking distance of the centre! This is lovely in the summer sun, splashing in the water or building sandcastles. At the end of August, a fantastic beach festival is staged here: Glemmer Beach. Together - young and old alike - enjoying each other’s company and music with your toes in the sand!

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