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Inspiration story: Get a breath of fresh air in Lemmer

| Redactie VVV Waterland van Friesland

All the ingredients for a day in Lemmer

Out and about in the fall? Consider Lemmer. The beach, the rich history, the heated terraces of this "Vlecke" and these tips are the ingredients for a day of fresh air in Friesland's Waterland.

Freshen up on the beach

Who dares? Taking a refreshing dip in the IJsselmeer is super healthy and Lemmer beach is ideal for this. Then settle down in the comfortable cushions on the scaffolding wooden benches of Beachclub Lemmer. With a first-class view over the former Zuiderzee, you can order a warming coffee or chocolate milk. The homemade monchou pie is highly recommended!


Een meisje die naar het IJsselmeer staart met een mooie zonsondergang. een meisje die een cappuccino aan het drinken is in Lemmer

Tales of Lemmer

Trade made the town of Lemmer flourish in the past, even more than fishing. Walking through the streets with monumental buildings you can see a lot of the history of its origins. Nevertheless, the fishing industry has also left its mark. In the historic little street Leeg, for example, four houses stand side by side with a shared open cellar. In the past, huge fishing nets hung here to dry. The nets were so very long, they simply couldn't fit in one cellar. Anyone who books the walk through Lemmer through the VVV can be transported to earlier times.

Huizen met aan de overkant zeilboten. een boot die aan komt varen in het kanaal van Lemmer, aan de zijkant staan boten die aan de kant staan.

Battle of the Dock

The Kortestreek and Langestreek streets on either side of the Dock together form the center. You can moor here by boat to the heart of Lemmer. When residents make a "battle for the Dock", it means nothing more than that they pay a visit to this center. Take a rest on the bench in the shape of the bow of a Lemster Fiskerman barge and muse on the beautiful poetry and spell on the bench. You can dine in one of the waterfront restaurants that welcome you with heated terraces and blankets over the chairs. That will be difficult to choose.

The Lemster lock

Sit down on the bench next to the Lemster lock and enjoy all the boats that sail through the Lemmer lock or choose the open sea in the opposite direction. The two characteristic buildings on the head of the lock are certainly worth a visit. Also discover the tile wisdom applied to the buildings.

Een zeilboot die uit een sluis komt in Lemmer

Anyone who returns home after a day in Lemmer with a full stomach, knows for sure that he will soon think of Lemmer again for the next day out

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