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7 of the 11 fountains

Eleven Frisian cities, connected by water. Preferably frozen water, in order to organise the legendary Elfstedentocht skating event. Now that Jack Frost often lets the side down, a number of alternatives have been devised for the 'Mother of all Routes': cycling, kick scootering, walking, sailing, supping and there's even a culinary route. However, 2018 also saw the introduction of a totally new style of Elfstedentocht. Within the scope of 'Leeuwarden – Friesland 2018 Cultural Capital of Europe', 11 leading international artists designed fountains for the 11 cities, each one reflecting the history and the character of that particular city. No less than 7 of these 'bubbly' fountains can be found in Waterland van Friesland.

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