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Inspiring Southwest Friesland

Streams, rivers, lakes, waterways, fens and city canals. We Frisians have more words for water than for bread. Which makes perfect sense, because it's been a part of our lives for many centuries. And so it hardly comes as a surprise that many water sports fans know Southwest Friesland like the back of their hand. Yet Waterland van Friesland has much more to offer. Let us welcome you with our 'ynspiraasje', our special Frisian brand of inspiration.


In Waterland van Friesland, the area between the Wouda pumping station and the Afsluitdijk, you can enjoy the unique dynamics between water and land. Sail down our waterways and canals, discover our wide open panoramas or hop around our famous 11 Frisian cities. Cycle past waving reeds or take to the Frisian lakes. What's unique here is that virtually all of the lakes and waterways are connected. You can travel almost everywhere by (sailing) boat. Do you want to feel the sand between your toes? There's plenty of choice of lively or tranquil beaches in Waterland. For personal advice, why not drop into one of our tourist information centres? There's always a local on hand to share all the secret delights of Southwest Friesland with you.

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Een silhouet van een meneer die staat te scheppen op een berg zand. het woudagemaal onder stoom bij zonsondergang

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