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Hiker’s cabins in Friesland

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  • Camping Hindeloopen

    Camping Hindeloopen

    You are this close to the best vacation ever? Because, obviously... you already found the finest campsite in Friesland: Camping Hindeloopen. The IJsselmeer and Hindeloopen is a fantastic vacationing area: just the two of you enjoying nature, or...

  • Recreatiepark de Uilenburg

    Recreatiepark de Uilenburg
  • Camping Ykema - Vrijstaande blokhut

    Direct boekbaar

    Camping Ykema - Vrijstaande blokhut

    Log cabin on a quiet farm campsite on the water of the Frisian lakes

  • Welgelegen - Trekkershut

    Direct boekbaar

    Welgelegen - Trekkershut

    Hiker's hut on a small-scale campsite with natural swimming pool

  • Het Kleine Paradijs - Rode Kapel

    Direct boekbaar

    Het Kleine Paradijs - Rode Kapel

    Special overnight stay in a romantic chapel

  • Het Kleine Paradijs - Blokhut Heilige huisje

    Direct boekbaar

    Het Kleine Paradijs - Blokhut Heilige huisje

    Wooden log cabin complete with wood-burning stove

  • Welgelegen - Pipo wagen (tweepersoons)

    Direct boekbaar

    Welgelegen - Pipo wagen (tweepersoons)

    Romantic overnight in a pipowagen with a unique atmosphere

  • Camping Flapper

    Direct boekbaar

    Camping Flapper

    The campsite is located on the edge of Gaastmeer and offers beautiful views of both the meadows and the water. The hikers' cabins and log cabins...

  • Jachtwerf Heeg

    Jachtwerf Heeg

    Jachtwerf Heeg's modern marina lies just off the Heegermeer (Lake Heeg) and boasts more than 100 berths. Our premises offer excellent facilities, including sanitation and a small playground, ample boat-side parking and a small camp site.

  • Camping Sudersé

    Camping Sudersé

    Camping Sudersé ligt centraal tussen de mooie oude stad Workum en het prachtige IJsselmeer.

  • Het Kleine Paradijs - Boomhut Kraaiennest

    Direct boekbaar

    Het Kleine Paradijs - Boomhut Kraaiennest

    Unique overnight stay in a tree house

  • Camping Flapper - Blokhut 'Wylde Swan'

    Direct boekbaar

    Camping Flapper - Blokhut 'Wylde Swan'

    Log cabin with stunning views over the meadows

  • Camping Pasveer

    Camping Pasveer

    Camping Pasveer is 1.5 km from the center of Sneek. The campsite is located on an open waterway and has a little port. Through a direct connection you can sail to the Sneekermeer or take the Middelsee route through the middle of Friesland.

  • Camping Elfbergen

    Camping Elfbergen
  • Eysinga State - Trekkershut

    Direct boekbaar

    Eysinga State - Trekkershut

    Quietly located, authentic wooden hiker's hut

    Sint Nicolaasga
  • Trekkershutten Nijhuizum

    Direct boekbaar

    Trekkershutten Nijhuizum

    The hikers' cabins are located on the grounds of a dairy farm. Both hikers' cabins are located in the middle of nature and on the water. You...

  • Boerderijcamping het Klokhuis

    Boerderijcamping het Klokhuis

    Te midden van het Friese merengebied vindt u onze kleine gezinscamping. Onze camping is gelegen aan het einde van een doodlopende weg, direct aan het water, de Idzegaaster poel. Van de Friese meren campings, is onze camping gelegen aan rustig zeil-...

  • Pipowagen

    Direct boekbaar


    Cozy wooden gypsy wagon

  • Aquacamping en Jachthaven de Rakken

    Aquacamping en Jachthaven de Rakken

    You choose Friesland and are looking for the best place to stay? Welcome at de Rakken! Here you will find everything you need to escape daily grind.

  • Trekkershutten Nijhuizum - Trekkershut 4 persoons

    Direct boekbaar

    Trekkershutten Nijhuizum - Trekkershut 4 persoons

    Hiker's cabin for 4 people with a beautiful view

  • Marina and Campsite de Domp

    Marina and Campsite de Domp

    De Domp has a picturesque city campsite with harbour for pleasure yachts, located on the banks of the Oudvaart with open access to the Sneekermeer and the Middelseeroute to Leeuwarden.

  • Welgelegen - VW Bus hut

    Direct boekbaar

    Welgelegen - VW Bus hut

    Unique sleeping experience in a VW bus cabin at a cozy campsite

  • Nij Wybranda

    Nij Wybranda
  • Welgelegen - Vakantiehut

    Direct boekbaar

    Welgelegen - Vakantiehut

    Holiday cabin in nature on a wide ditch with a covered veranda


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