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Hiking in Southwest Friesland

Hiking is popular in Friesland. That'll come as no surprise, with such a beautiful landscape. What better way to experience the National Landscape of Southwest Friesland and the Frisian lakes. There are more than 1000 kilometres of hiking paths in the cleverly laid out hiking network through panoramic landscapes, past lakes, along woodland paths and the rolling scenery of Gaasterland. Find here inspiration for your hiking trail.

Hiking trails and city walks


Enjoy a pilgrimage in Waterland van Friesland: dreamy villages with their churches, cafés and traditional farms. Intimate Frisian cities. Woodlands, lakes and streaky skies that might have been taken from a masterpiece. The Saint Odulf path ticks all the boxes for hikers, and connects more than 260 km of natural beauty. Hop, skip and jump around the Frisian pearls of a spectacular necklace in Waterland van Friesland.

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Would you like to join the 11 Alleyways Tour? This route takes you through all the cosy alleyways, where you can admire the beautiful houses and Woudsend from a different point of view. Each alleyway tells its own story. Take the Kollegat alleyway for example. Do you see all the names written on the wall? Over the past decades, loving couples have committed their relationship to eternity here. The wall is still popular among young people from Woudsend who embarrassingly or hilariously sometimes make out the names of their parents on the wall.

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