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Terp village of Wommels

Wommels is a beautiful village built on a terp, a raised mound, in the centre of the Greidhoek area. The cheese warehouses can still be found here, as reminders of the rich history of the cheese trade. Would you like to know more about the dairy history of the village? One of the old warehouses is home to the It Tsjispakhûs museum, where old school pictures tell the story from collection of the milk to production of butter and cheese. An annual highlight in Wommels is the Freulekaatspartij Frisian handball competition, that attracts many visitors each year. And you certainly can't miss the Jacobi church, right in the middle of the village. Would you like to discover Wommels? 

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You really need to see, smell and hear this unspoiled panoramic landscape. Cycling, walking or sailing is the best way to truly enjoy the four seasons here. In spring, enjoy the beautiful flowers and dancing birds. In summer, this area is ideally explored from the water, but also during the mystical autumn months when the stately traditional farmhouses rise up out of the low-lying mist.

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