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Take a boat trip in Sneek

Take a boat trip in Sneek and discover the most beautiful stories. Generally, a ‘paadwizer’ accompanies you: a guide who tells you everything and shows you hidden places. This guide is usually also the skipper on the tour boat. The tour allows you to cruise the water town of Sneek without having to navigate yourself and to learn more about the history of Elfstedenstad Sneek. During this trip, you will discover the Frisian lakes or Elfstedenstad IJlst from Sneek. You can even take a tour boat from Sneek to go and watch a skûtsjesilen race. In the summer months, a cruise departs several times a day. By booking a ticket online you can comfortably board in Sneek. This town also offers possibilities to take a boat trip with a group. You can find all companies below. Choose your cruise, read the information, and book your ticket instantly online!

Daily cruises you can join

Canal cruise Sneek

In the historic Elfstedenstad Sneek you can take a beautiful and interesting boat trip. For this cruise, you board the beurtschip Ald Fryslân, an old line ship for inland carriage of passengers. The crew will show you the nicest and most beautiful places of Sneek. Meanwhile, the skipper will tell you more about the history. The low passage height of the bridges in the old town makes sure the trip is a big adventure. You will attend the most special places and will even sail under the famous Waterpoort. The morning cruise heads off to Museum Houtstad IJlst. There you will enjoy a coffee at the miller of sawmill De Rat. If you take the evening cruise, you sail until it gets dark!

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Canal cruise Allure: luxury sailing packages

The crew of cruise company Allure welcomes you on board one of the antique cruise boats in Sneek: the Venezuela or the BlåBaer (Danish for blueberry). Every boat trip is a guaranteed adventure. With the canal tour, you sail through the historic city, while the skipper tells you about the many sights. You can also opt for a cruise on the Sneekermeer (the Lake of Sneek). Feel like spotting birds? Then join the early bird watching tour. Do you want to know everything about eels? Then sail along to one of the few eel fishermen in Friesland who are still operating. Prefer something with more style? Then you can have a picnic while sailing or take a cosy tour with drinks. Allure offers various luxury sailing packages. Also for the romantic hearts among us ...

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Boat trips in Sneek for groups

Various companies provide group cruises in Sneek. You can already rent a ship from 8 people, with or without a captain. Bootverhuur de Vries can even organize a cruise of up to 250 people. They have several skûtsjes and a real party ship! Furthermore, at Camping Pasveer, you can book a romantic cruise for two. The destinations are endless because Sneek is situated on the water and is connected to the Frisian Lakes. You can sail to Elfstedenstad IJlst, the starting island in the Sneekermeer (known from the Sneekweek), or go on a beautiful canal cruise and explore the city centre of Sneek. Below you will find all companies in Sneek that can organize a cruise for groups. Discuss your wishes and enjoy a beautiful boat trip!

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