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Water sports village of Oudega

Oudega (or Aldegea as we say in Friesland) is situated directly on the shores of the Oudegaaster Brekken, making it ideal for water lovers. Why not rent a boat in Oudega (municipality of Súdwest Fryslân) and discover the 'silent' sailing routes, watched by curious cows on the waterside. Hikers will really love the route through the Pinepolder: a meadow bird area around the village, where you can spot the 'small three' in spring: the godwit, the lapwing and the redshank. There's also plenty to discover in the village itself. Historic houses on the canal side for example, cute white bridges, a fun harbour and the picturesque small church of Sandfirden.

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Doris Mooltsje

Along the cycle path from Oudega to Workum, you'll come across the largest and oldest windmill of its type in Friesland, named Doris Mooltsje. Located on the Oudegaaster Brekken, this windmill is suitable for draining the local land, and the miller will be pleased to tell you all about it. So take a break from cycling, and visit the windmill to see it in action.

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Doris Mooltsje Oudega Doris Mooltsje in Oudega

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