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Kameleon village of Terherne

Terherne is the 'island' in the Frisian lakes. The village is completely surrounded by water. The Sneekermeer lake is on the one side, and the Terherne pools on the other. In the summer in particular, Terherne bustles with activities. Blow away the cobwebs on the water, walk around the characteristic houses on the harbour, or would you prefer dinner and drinks rather than being sporty?

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Are you a fan of adventure books? Step in the clogs of the characters Hielke and Sietse at Kameleon village in Terherne. In the village of Lenten, built to scale, you can see how the Kameleon life of the children's books can become reality. Readers will of course already have their own idea of what the village looks like. How about you? Come and see how lifelike the village can be. And maybe you'll solve the mystery of the village of Lenten?

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Gele klompen. Kinderen die aan een touw hangen in het water in het kameleondorp Teherne

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