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Kameleondorp Terherne


Discover the village Lenten. Look at the village where Hielke and Sietse lived.

Discover the village life-size fast
Look at the village where Hielke and Sietse live

- climb to the 3 floors, the mill and the whole village = the village could be even in bad weather without getting wet!
- a sand castle on its own small village beach
- Conquer (stranded) the stranded pirate ship
- explains the tree house
- play a little beach volleyball
-make delicious food over an open hearth
- walk through bogs - but be careful not to sink
- Balancing on a rope over water ditches - Swing on the cable car and ride right on the water
- Spring with a staff over the trenches.

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Here you will find Kameleondorp Terherne

Koailân 2
8493 LA Terherne
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