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Experience fantastic adventures in Kameleondorp

| Redactie VVV Waterland van Friesland

Step into the clogs of Hielke, Sietse and Gerben

KameleondorpTerherne is now also the filming location of the new Kameleon television series. With this 12-part series by NPO Zapp, the adventure story of Hotze de Roos from 1948 sails "full speed ahead" into our digital age. Yet the books also remain incredibly popular. Millions of copies have already been sold and it goes on and on. Even in German. Furthermore, two feature films have also been made.

Village Lenten

In the life-size reconstructed village of Lenten, you can see how Chameleon life can really be. But of course readers have also made a performance about this village themselves. You too? Then come and see if this image corresponds with reality. And will you also solve the mystery of the village of Lenten ..?

When you arrive at the Kameleon Village, talking milk churns will tell you more about the mystery of Lenten. They lead you through the whole village. Residents can tell you everything about the village, the films, the series and of course the books. And which colors will you discover on the Kameleon boat of Sietse and Hielke Klinkhamer? The tour boat, pushed by the Kameleonboot, takes you to the Adventure Island of Gerben Zonderland. Along the way, constable Black calls for your help to solve a problem on the lake.

Sometimes as a person you have to go back to our base, nature

Adventure Island

On the island you will be met by a Kameleon extra. There are exciting paths that lead you along the water, through the trees and over the marshes. Along the way, challenges await you that you can overcome together, such as crossing the water with a towing raft, scrambling over the stump path, throwing a bicycle tire or tree climbing. Age is forgotten here. Because everyone feels free as a child again, so forget the time and be one with nature. And that is exactly what Nop de Graaf, director of Kameleondorp, has in mind:

“Sometimes as a person you have to go back to our base, nature. When you are on our adventure island, you will experience that nature has a lot to offer you. Use the elements from nature to find solutions together. I would like to pass this natural message on to the guests who come here one day. ”

Young and old feel welcome and comfortable in Kameleondorp. After all, everyone grew up not only with peanut butter, but also with the adventures of Hielke and Sietse. Moreover, the underlying themes in the books of all times, such as: the struggle between good and (cat) evil and freedom and adventure. Everything comes together in the Kameleondorp and everyone can identify with something.

Visit the Kameleondorp

Origin of Kameleondorp

Water and land play a key role in the adventures of Hielke and Sietse. In Terherne this comes together in a perfect way. No wonder that author Hotze de Roos and the publisher of the children's books became enthusiastic when they were enticed to visit this location. Schoolmaster Jan and his class from Terherne had written to the publisher a letter in which a self-conceived prize was awarded: an engraved silver pen. The prize was awarded in Terherne after a boat trip to the village in the so-called Kameleon boat. It reminded him of the village of Lenten from the books. Kameleondorp was born with this.

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