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All museums and visitor centres in Southwest Friesland

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  • Museum Sloten

    Museum Sloten

    In the middle of Sloten – a truly enchanting museum: experience the rich history of the city and the magical world of magic lanterns.

    Sloten FR
  • Frisian Maritime Museum

    Frisian Maritime Museum

    The Frisian Maritime Museum focuses on the history of Frisian shipping.

  • Museum en Werkplaats Houtstad IJlst

    Museum en Werkplaats Houtstad IJlst Viking Games 4 november 2023 Houtstad IJlst

    Experience the history of IJlst during an active visit to: Museum and workshop Houtstad IJlst. IJlst has been connected with wood for many centuries.

  • Mummy Crypt in Wiuwert

    Mummy Crypt in Wiuwert

    In 1765, carpenters working in St Nicholas Church in Wiuwert had the fright of their lives when they unexpectedly came across seven perfectly preserved bodies in the crypt. The carpenters fled from the church in panic.

  • Streekmuseum / Oudheidskamer Lemster Fiifgea

    Streekmuseum / Oudheidskamer Lemster Fiifgea
  • Museum 't Ponthús

    Museum 't Ponthús

    Here the time line of the famous Stavoren stories is brought to life. Why was Stavoren a target for the Vikings? And how about the trading relationship with Hamburg? Or read more about the story of the emergency landing of the Halifax V during the Second

  • Kazemattenmuseum


    On Kornwerderzand at the head of the Afsluitdijk are the famous casemates, largely hidden under sand. Within the metre-thick walls, the period before and from May 1940 is revived.

  • Museum Warkums Erfskip

    Museum Warkums Erfskip

    Enjoy Workum from the weigh house!

  • Puzzelmuseum Joure

    Puzzelmuseum Joure

    Puzzlemuseum Joure. The puzzlemuseum is full of logical puzzles, brainteasers and enigma's. There is plenty opportunity to solve some puzzles yourself. You may make an appointment to visit the puzzlemuseum. It is also very suitable for children's pa...

  • Museum 'Skerven fan 'e Skar'

    Museum 'Skerven fan 'e Skar' Museum Skerven fan e skar - natuurgebied De Wolvetinte

    Tentoongestelde archeologische vondsten uit de polder 'De Wolvetinte' in It Heidenskip.

    It Heidenskip
  • Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre

    Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre

    On the Afsluitdijk causeway, at Kornwerderzand, you will find a remarkable building resembling a foaming wave, breaking on the causeway wall: this is the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre.

  • Museum Hindeloopen

    Museum Hindeloopen Museum Hindeloopen buitenzijde

    Three centuries ago, Hindeloopen grew into a major trading city. The city had a large fleet of 100 ships that sailed across the ocean. Hindeloopen is still an attractive city to visit. Many old characteristic properties are preserved.

  • Museum It Tsiispakhûs

    Museum It Tsiispakhûs

    The village of Wommels has a rich history in the field of butter-but even more so in the cheese trade. The many still clearly recognisable cheese merchant houses in Wommels are a reminder of that time, which lasted from ca. 1880 to 1910.

  • Scheepstimmerwerf De Hoop

    Scheepstimmerwerf De Hoop

    Scheepstimmerwerf ‘De Hoop’ is een begrip in Workum en ver daarbuiten. Al meer dan driehonderd jaar gevestigd naast de sluis.

  • Friesian Ice Skating Museum

    Friesian Ice Skating Museum Schaatsmuseum en winkel Museum Hindeloopen

    This museum is a must for all ice skating fans. You will find the world’s largest collection of ice skates here, and a complete history of the Elfstedentocht in a specially designed Elfsteden-room.

  • Cultuur Historisch Centrum 'De Tiid'

    Cultuur Historisch Centrum 'De Tiid'

    Museum De Tiid, in the former historic town hall in Bolsward, shows the fascinating history of Southwest Fryslân. Take your time for the interactive presentations and feast your eyes in the photogenic council chamber, on the steps and in the city hall tow

  • Museum Joure

    Museum Joure

    Museum Joure is an amazing museum in the centre of Joure. Famous centrepiece is the first factory of Douwe Egberts, where you will experience the story behind this world famous brand.

  • The National Model Railway Museum

    The National Model Railway Museum

    Discover the past and present of the track company at home and abroad. Plus, fine examples model construction, playgrounds for children and a lot more. Enjoy Europe's largest collection of model trains in bustling Sneek.

  • Museum Warkums Erfskip

    Museum Warkums Erfskip It Stedhûs

    Museum Warkums Erfskip is housed in the old Waag building in the center and tells more about the history of Workum and its surroundings. It is the starting point to discover and admire the highlights of the beautiful city of Workum.

  • Museum 'Het Bakkerswinkeltje'

    Museum 'Het Bakkerswinkeltje'

    Ontdek in Museum 'Het Bakkerswinkeltje' de rijke historie van het vroegere Friese Doolhof Molkwerum.

  • Mar en Klif Visitor Center

    Mar en Klif Visitor Center

    In the visitor centre, you will discover many aspects of National Landscape Southwest Fryslân

  • Fluitenmuseum Bolsward

    Fluitenmuseum Bolsward

    Ontdek meer dan 2.500 verschillende soorten fluiten in het Fluitenmuseum van Bolsward!

  • Gaasterlands Streek Museum Eppinga Sate

    Gaasterlands Streek Museum Eppinga Sate
  • Jopie Huisman Museum

    Jopie Huisman Museum

    The Jopie Huisman Museum is dedicated to the life and work of the Frisian self-taught master painter Jopie Huisman. His love of nature and his compassion are a recurrent theme.


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