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Echtenerbrug and Delfstrahuizen

Echtenerbrug (or Ychtenbrêge as we say in Friesland) is part of a twin town with Delfstrahuizen (or Dolsterhûzen). A fantastic hiking/cycling path has been created along the southern shores of Tjeukemeer lake, to take you from one village to the other. The fun waterside cafés invite you to take a break and watch the boats sailing past, on this waterway that runs through the two villages. The Dolle Brêge Days are organised in July and August; a fantastic spectacle for old and young!

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The Tsjûkemar, as it's known in Frisian, is the largest lake of Friesland. This makes it ideal for all kinds of water-based activities. Lots of fun for anyone who's a water lover. Take a refreshing dip, go fishing, sailing, surfing or simply rent a boat in order to explore the various little islands in the Tjeukemeer. Would you like to know more about the beautiful legend of how the lake was formed? Then you need to walk or cycle to the statue of the two main characters, Tsjûke and March, near Echten pumping station.

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