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Merchant city of Workum

Workum (or Warkum as we say in Friesland), is one of the famous Frisian cities that has enjoyed city rights since 1399. Located on the shores of the former Zuiderzee and bordering the Frisian lakes, Workum was an important merchant city for the region. Simply walking around the old city centre is an attraction in itself. Along the route, you'll encounter the many stepped gables, saddle roofs and the Great (St. Gertrude) church. No wonder the city became a protected heritage area in 1988. You can admire the intimate paintings by rag and bone man Jopie Huisman and there is also a museum that will introduce you to the rich history of Workum.


The 'strontrace' is the main annual event in Workum. It centres around the historic ships that must sail to Warmond, transporting a bag of manure as quickly as possible. The so-called strontweek ('stront' is Dutch for manure) also includes many different activities, some of which you can join in. Race one of the sailing ships over the dike to the IJsselmeer lake, step on board the Beurtveer ferryboat, visit the fishing days, sail a model boat, and much more!

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