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Inspiration story: Discover the dark

| Redactie VVV Waterland van Friesland

In the dark you see, hear and discover more. All senses are on edge to see twinkling stars, hear exciting stories and discern silhouettes. Discover the Milky Way in the sky? Due to the minimal light pollution in (Southwest) Friesland, there is a good chance that you will see it. And if you're lucky you can even see remnants of the Northern Lights: a red glow. The exciting hours of the evening and night are perfect for going out with a guide in the city or in the forest. Which souls are still wandering around? "Discover the Dark" in Waterland of Friesland!

Watching stars

In Gaasterland there is still little air pollution, so you can look good stars here and perhaps even spot the Milky Way. Choose an evening with a clear sky and go to the viewpoint of the Oudemirdumerklif (52 ° 50'12.12 "N 5 ° 31 '58 .60 "E) or to the Mirnserklif (52 ° 51'02.56" N 5 ° 28'49.49 "E). Stargazing is also possible from a dark place in the Rijsterbos, but after sunset you are officially not allowed to enter the forest. One place you may visit is at the "Wyldemerk" (52 ° 52'02.32 "N 5 ° 31'30.69" E).

The best time of year to see the Milky Way is August, September and October. In the autumn you look more towards the South and in the winter towards the Southwest. Don't use a flashlight, or you won't get used to the dark. Just wait 10 minutes in the dark and you will see the stars.

Beautiful star maps to take with you are available at the Mar & Klif Visitor Center in Oudemirdum.


Don't use a flashlight, or you won't get used to the dark

Gates of light

Every day more than 200,000 cars pass the "gates of light" on the Afsluitdijk of Daan Roosegaarde. In the dark, the strips light up through the headlights of these passing cars.

As a result, the 'gateway' to Waterland of Friesland has been transformed into a futuristic entrance along the monumental locks from 1932. In 2019, Daan Roosegaarde won the 'International Architecture Transportation Award' with the 'GATES OF LIGHT'.

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