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The Frisian lakes: so much more to discover

Wetterwille, that's what we call water fun in Southwest Friesland. On our Frisian lakes, experience the thrill of a tailwind on a sailing boat, sunbathing on an idyllic beach, cycling past waving reeds, fishing quietly or mooring your boat in a friendly harbour. The possibilities are endless. And what makes it even more special: all the Frisian lakes are connected to each other. Ideal for (longer) tours.

Frisian lakes in Waterland van Friesland

  • Tsjûkemar

    The largest lake in Friesland

  • De fluezen

    The ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts looking for peace and quiet

  • Snitser mar

    Famous for the Sneekweek and more

  • Sleattemer mar

    Enclosed between the villages of Woudsend, Balk and Sloten

  • Hegemer mar

    Take a dip from one of the islands in the Heegermeer lake

  • Grutte Brekken

    Beautiful stretch of lake connected to the IJsselmeer lake

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