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Museum Sloten

Sloten FR

In the middle of Sloten – a truly enchanting museum: experience the rich history of the city and the magical world of magic lanterns.

If you walk through the fortified town of Sloten, you end up in a maze of streets, alleys, and bridges. You wonder: how did all this come about so beautifully, and how was it all so well preserved? 

That’s why you should walk into Museum Sloten (in the town’s centre, next to the church), where magic lanterns tell the story of the city in a unique way. With VR helmets, children experience for themselves how medieval jurisprudence worked. Everyone can reminisce from the windows through virtual layers of history about the real cityscape. And much more...

Price information:
From € 3,50 (for children)
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Here you will find Museum Sloten

Heerenwal 48
8556 XW Sloten FR
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