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These museums and visitor centers can be booked online. This makes a visit very easy, as reservations are required.

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  • Mar en Klif Visitor Center

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    Mar en Klif Visitor Center

    In the visitor centre, you will discover many aspects of National Landscape Southwest Fryslân

  • Museum Joure

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    Museum Joure

    Museum Joure is an amazing museum in the centre of Joure. Famous centrepiece is the first factory of Douwe Egberts, where you will experience the story behind this world famous brand.

  • Jopie Huisman Museum

    Jopie Huisman Museum

    The Jopie Huisman Museum is dedicated to the life and work of the Frisian self-taught master painter Jopie Huisman. His love of nature and his compassion are a recurrent theme.

  • Frisian Maritime Museum

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    Frisian Maritime Museum

    The Frisian Maritime Museum focuses on the history of Frisian shipping.

  • Museum Hindeloopen

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    Museum Hindeloopen Museum Hindeloopen buitenzijde

    Three centuries ago, Hindeloopen grew into a major trading city. The city had a large fleet of 100 ships that sailed across the ocean. Hindeloopen is still an attractive city to visit. Many old characteristic properties are preserved.

  • Woudagemaal: largest steam pumping station in the world

    Woudagemaal: largest steam pumping station in the world

    Visit the largest steam pumping station in the world!

  • Museum Sloten

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    Museum Sloten

    In the middle of Sloten – a truly enchanting museum: experience the rich history of the city and the magical world of magic lanterns.

    Sloten FR

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