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Friesland has once again been chosen as a top cycling region of the Netherlands? That's not a surprise with 800 kilometres of beautiful cycle paths.Thanks to the network junction numbers, you'll never get lost and you'll find the most beautiful spots.

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'Oersetters' is a Frisian translation of 'Oversetters', which is how this cycling route works: you will be taken across to the other bank. There's lots to see and you'll find lovely picnic benches along the route, though there are also plenty of friendly restaurant options as well. You can also charge your electric bike at various points along the route.

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Over the past century, more than 150,000 enthusiastic people have participated in the 11-city cycling tour on Whitsun Monday. This 235 kilometre long route traditionally starts and finishes in Bolsward. Together through the countryside and cities, following each other through the Frisian landscapes, everyone at their own speed. Never alone, as there's one big party all along the route! Cheered on with music and enthusiastic spectators' banners.

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