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What to eat and drink in Southwest Friesland

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury food, or would like something totally different, there's always a Frisian treat that will make your mouth water. Ask the baker about delicacies such as oranjekoek, dúmkes or sûkerbôle. Or try Frisian clove cheese or sheep's cheese from a local farmer or the Nylander cheese farm in Workum. If you're lucky, you'll even find a farm milk tap on your travels, where you can tap your own glass of milk. Prefer to tap a Frisian beer? Then the brewery in Bolsward is just what you need. Many restaurants here have some delicious regional dishes or regional drinks on their menus. It could be difficult to choose in Waterland van Friesland.


Thanks to some sustainable eel farming in Friesland, the glory days of the past are gradually becoming reality again. Eels have a long and rich history in Waterland van Friesland. During the golden age of eel fishing, around sixteen Frisian boats would sail to London six times a year to sell live eels there. According to experts, the Frisian lakes are home to the most delicious eels of all. Freshly smoked eel can be enjoyed in the restaurants here, and at many Frisian markets.

paling die op een stok hangt om te roken

Us Heit Brewery

Hops, yeast, malt and water. That's all Bolsward-based Us Heit Brewery needs to brew beer. Unfortunately, water could be pretty scarce in the olden days. Nowadays we simply turn on the tap, but that was certainly not an option 700 years ago. Bolsward was located on the Zuiderzee in those days, and salt water flowed through the veins of this Frisian Hanseatic city. And so freshwater needed to be drawn from rivers and lakes. The process is depicted on the mural at Us Heit Brewery. Visitors coming to sample the beer or whisky will be fed the story along with the contents of their glass. Because owner and brewer Aart van der Linde wants to offer visitors a memorable experience.

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