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The Sneekweek

Did you know that the Sneekweek is the biggest event on European inland waterways? Every year thousands of people enjoy the sailing competitions and conviviality of the Sneekweek. And admit it: water, a party, and good weather, what more could you ask for? When you ask competition sailors about the Hardzeildag on the Sneekermeer, their eyes start to twinkle. This sailing competition day has been organized since 1814 and was expanded with more races in 1934. This is how the first Sneekweek became a fact.

Sneekweek 2022

After two cancelled editions, everyone in the Netherlands hopes that the 2022 Sneekweek is on. Sneekweek 2022 runs from Friday 5 to Thursday 11 August. With music and water sports demonstrations on Friday evening from 7.30 pm. At 9.30 pm the official opening ceremony with naval review takes place on the water of De Kolk. A beautiful, atmospheric spectacle with the monumental Waterpoort (water gate) as a backdrop. There will be music from the illuminated canals, ten salutes will ring out, followed by the Frisian national anthem and fireworks, and then the 85th Sneekweek has officially started!


Programme Sneekweek

The Sneekweek traditionally starts on the Friday before the first Saturday of August and lasts until the following Thursday. Friday is a day stuffed with ceremonies and festivities. Nevertheless, many sailors go to bed after the naval review because the sailing competitions on the Sneekermeer start on Saturday morning. Until Thursday competitions will be held every day, with the traditional Hardzeildag on Wednesday. And the live music, the fair, and all the other festivities? They take place every day, even on the weekend after the sailing competitions.

straat vol mensen tijdens sneekweek

Starteiland Sneekweek

‘Het Kolmeersland’ will probably not sound familiar to you, but perhaps the ‘Starteiland’ (Starting Island) does. During the Sneekweek, this island on the edge of the Sneekermeer takes on this name. From the Starteiland all sailing competitions will be coordinated. But the public is also very welcome. This is an understatement: with a large marquee, a café/restaurant, and a picnic/chill area, there is plenty to do. You can reach the Starteiland by ferry, the now-famous Poieszboat from the centre, or with your own boat. There are three harbours with a total of 400 berths, so there is plenty of room.

Campsites Sneekweek

During the Sneekweek many sailors, spectators, and partygoers stay at one of the campsites around Sneek. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from. There is even a real Sneekweek campsite. This campsite is located in recreation area De Potten (Offingawier) on the Sneekermeer, next to ‘the pavilion’ and within walking distance of the ferry to the Starteiland. The Sneekweek campsite is only open during the Sneekweek.

bootjes aan een steiger en een tentje op het gras bij de rakkepolle

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