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Blog: 7 Things to see and do in Workum

| Redactie VVV Waterland van Friesland

According to master painter Jopie Huisman, Workum was paradise on earth. In his words: 'For me heaven could never be more beautiful than this.’ Just look up and see all the different façades. The frontage of the city is designated as a protected cityscape. Discover all seven treasures of Workum for yourself and you'll see exactly what he meant.

Discover the 7 treasures of Workum

1/ Jopie Huisman Museum

The Jopie Huisman Museum is dedicated to the life and works of the Frisian master painter, Jopie Huisman. His body of work very much reflects the human touch. We can recognise his love of nature, his compassion and also his capacity to add value to minor, modest and discarded objects. Jopie was also known as a narrator of amusing anecdotes, often a little embellished. Jopie transports you into his world and lets you share his passions.

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Schilderij Roodbaaien hemden van schilder Jopie Huisman. Twee oranje rode werkhemden hangend op een groen blauwe houten schuurdeur. binnenkant van het jopie huisman museum

2/ The Wild Lions fountain – Cornelia Parkerm

The lions that have graced the coat of arms of Workum for many centuries, played a leading role in this fountain, one of the 11Fountains project. While the city arms lions are intended to be awe-inspiring, the artist has given these beasts a healthy dose of British humour. Like playful cats, they form a heart of water through which you can see the city, while they roar: “Look at our city.”

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Fontein de woeste leeuwen vanaf de zijkant, goudkleurige manen Een fontein van twee leeuwen die het stadswapen representeren.

3/ Sint Gertrudis church

The beautiful Market Square 'De Merk' in Workum - where you'll also find the Waag weighing house and the old City Hall - is home to the largest late-Gothic church of Friesland. Here, you'll find a unique collection of decorative funeral biers. This church welcomes thousands of tourists each year, attracted by these intriguing funeral biers used for transport of coffins during the funeral. The decorative painting or lack thereof says a great deal about long-forgotten lives.

Visit Sint Gertrudis church
de waag plein in workum op een zomerse dag Foto gemaakt vanuit de binnenstad, op de achtergrond is de Sint Gertrudiskerk en de gevels te zien

4/ Artists and galleries in Workum

Het Boekhuis stationer and bookstore has a free booklet on Art in Workum, giving information on all arty addresses. Check out the model of the world-famous Pauper's fountain (better known in Friesland as the penis fountain), dismantled in August 2019, in Museum Warkums Erskip. Fascinating detail: the dismantled parts have apparently become decorative objects in Workum homes.

de pauperfontein pauperfontein in workum

6/ Workum Lighthouse

You'll find Workum lighthouse on the Hylperdyk at the entrance to the harbour. It's known as the Toarntsje (little tower), which is very apt for the square white brick tower. At nine metres, Workum lighthouse is not particularly tall.  Nowadays, the lighthouse is illuminated by electric lamps that work on solar cells. But each year, the first traditional sailing boat returning from the local Strontrace is welcomed with a traditional fire lit on the tower. 

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Foto van de vuurtoren van Workum Foto van de strontrace in Workum, groot zeilboot op het water

7/ Façade stone wall

No city is ever complete. There will always be construction and demolition work. In Workum too, many buildings have been added and demolished over the centuries. Façade stones have been saved from many of these former buildings. Under the gateway alongside number 18 on De Merk market square, we find a wall in which 22 old façade stones have been incorporated. Information signs provide an explanation and a map of the city, showing those buildings from which these stones have been retrieved.

Visit the Façade stone wall
winkels open in workum mooie gevel in workum

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