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What to do in Stavoren

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  • Fietsverhuur Stavoren

    Fietsverhuur Stavoren

    Uw adres voor een goede huurfiets. Alle fietsen hebben 7versnellingen. Ook elektrische fietsen, tandems en kinderfietsen beschikbaar. Stavoren is het ideale vertrekpunt om de Zuidwesthoek te ontdekken.

  • Friese Vloot

    Friese Vloot

    An active vacation, a relaxing weekend, chill out and unwind together; everything is possible with FrieseVloot. FrieseVloot is a cooperative consisting of a number of enthusiastic skippers with traditional sailing ships. No-nonsense quality, interact...

  • Atelier Basalt

    Atelier Basalt
  • It Suderstrand near Stavoren

    It Suderstrand near Stavoren

    The clear bathing water invites you to take a refreshing dive and is also safe for the little ones due to the gently sloping bottom. The beach is with...

  • The Blokhuis

    The Blokhuis

    After 1525, Friesland became part of the kingdom of Charles V, who had a large fortress built at Stavoren harbour in order to keep the Frisian people under control. It stood here until around 1580.

  • Johannes de Doperkerk Warns

    Johannes de Doperkerk Warns

    De toren van deze kerk is erg oud. Hij dateert uit de tweede helft van de twaalfde eeuw en is dan ook van tufsteen. De kerk achter de toren is in 1682...

  • Simmermoarn Vaartochten en arrangementen

    Direct boekbaar

    Simmermoarn Vaartochten en arrangementen

    Simmemoarn, for fun cruises in the Southwest of Friesland.

  • Museum 't Ponthús

    Museum 't Ponthús

    Here the time line of the famous Stavoren stories is brought to life. Why was Stavoren a target for the Vikings? And how about the trading relationship with Hamburg? Or read more about the story of the emergency landing of the Halifax V during the Second

  • Fietsverhuur SWF

    Fietsverhuur SWF
  • Laaksum (Laaxum)

    Laaksum (Laaxum)

    Bezoek Laaksum, het pittoreske visserijdorpje aan het IJsselmeer.

  • St. Nicholas Church in Stavoren

    St. Nicholas Church in Stavoren

    St. Nicholas Church in Stavoren is a protected monument. One of the reasons is that it contains an 18th-century organ. It is a single-nave church with arched windows, a neoclassical entrance and a small but elegant gable tower.

  • The Lady of Stavoren

    The Lady of Stavoren

    From the 15th century on, the flourishing Hanseatic city of Stavoren began to fall upon bad times. It is this period in history that is related in the saga of the Lady of Stavoren. In the saga, all aspects of Stavoren as a trading city are covered.

  • Sloepverhuur Sloep-rent Marina Stavoren

    Sloepverhuur Sloep-rent Marina Stavoren

    Sloep-rent is gevestigd bij Marina Stavoren & de Galamadammen. Hier liggen meerdere sloepen voor u klaar om mooie vaartochten mee te maken.

  • Molkwerum (Molkwar)

    Molkwerum (Molkwar) Bakkerswinkeltsje Molkwar

    Molkwerum is een klein dorpje met een interessante geschiedenis, niet ver van het IJsselmeer gelegen.

  • Ferry service Stavoren-Enkhuizen

    Ferry service Stavoren-Enkhuizen

    The ferry boat "BEP GLASIUS" takes you on a relaxing crossing over the IJsselmeer, which is the largest lake in The Netherlands and was formally an inlet of the North Sea that was dammed off in 1932.

  • ‘t Séleantsje near Molkwerum

    ‘t Séleantsje near Molkwerum

    A small but cosy beach on the IJsselmeer shoreline. Combine a visit to the beach with a walk to Stavoren over the former sea dike along the Bocht fan...

  • Rode Klif (Red Cliff) at Lake IJsselmeer

    Rode Klif (Red Cliff) at Lake IJsselmeer

    At the edge of Lake IJsselmeer there is a red cliff that is 10 metres high. It was formed during the last ice age but one when the land was pushed up by glaciers that advanced from Scandinavia. The forces exerted by the ice created hills in the landscape.

  • Snuffelsjop Reefstar

    Snuffelsjop Reefstar

    Kom snuffelen in Snuffelsjop Reefstar met zeeaquarium dieren, hengelsport, speelgoed, cadeauartikelen en meer.

  • The Dusk till Dawn Fishing Experience

    The Dusk till Dawn Fishing Experience

    Welcome to the Netherlands. The land of the big fish! As a foreign guest, I would like to take you with me for an educational and fun day of fishing.

  • The harbour of Stavoren

    The harbour of Stavoren

    Experience the atmosphere of trade, fishing and recreational sailing. Stavoren is uniquely situated, as it is surrounded by the IJsselmeer lake on three sides.

  • Súdermarpolder


    <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> ‘Aan de ene kant van de zeedijk hoor je zomers het IJsselmeerwater klotsen, terwijl aan de andere kant de weidevoge...

  • Nationaal Monument Missing Airmen

    Nationaal Monument Missing Airmen

    In het IJsselmeer, vlakbij Molkwerum, vind je het nationaal monument Missing Airmen

  • Stadswandeling Stavoren

    Stadswandeling Stavoren

    Verken Stavoren met deze stadswandeling

  • FrieWheelers Stavoren

    FrieWheelers Stavoren

    Zuidwest Friesland leent zich uitstekend om per fiets te verkennen


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