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Heegermeer (Hegemer Mar)


The Heegermeer is named after the adjacent village of Heeg.

The Heegermeer (Frisian: Hegemer Mar) is named after the nearby village of Heeg. The lake has several islands, such as Rakkenpolle and Langehoekspolle, where overnight stays are possible. Swimming is allowed at beaches in Heeg and at Indijk. From the Heegermeer, it's easy to navigate to the Fluessen and later the Morra.

The Heegermeer has a fast navigation area; within the yellow buoys, boats are allowed to travel at higher speeds. Outside the designated fast navigation area, boaters should adjust their speed to accommodate other water sports enthusiasts.

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Here you will find Heegermeer (Hegemer Mar)

Pharshoeke 101
8621CW Heeg
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