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Joure (De Jouwer)


Joure is the village without city antics.

Joure is the village without city antics.

Joure (Frisian: de Jouwer) is a "vlecke," a village with an almost urban character. You might be familiar with Joure from the Frisian Balloon Festivals, held every July. Additionally, Joure is the birthplace of Douwe Egberts coffee and Pickwick tea, and you can explore their history at the Joure Museum. The main shopping street in Joure is the Midstraat, where you'll find numerous charming shops and several restaurants. The Midstraat ends at the beginning of Heremastate Park, a beautiful park ideal for leisurely walks.

The ultimate way to get to know Joure is by joining the Jouster Kuierke. Guided by a local, you'll learn everything about this beautiful village and even have the opportunity to climb the Jouster Toer!

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