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Inspiration story: Predatory fish adventure

| Redactie VVV Waterland van Friesland

After a predatory fishing trip in Waterland van Friesland, you don't have to use a fishing latin when you return home. Walleye of almost one meter can be removed from the water in the Sneekermeer on a weekday morning. Provided you know the right place, good material and of course a bit of luck. Experienced fishing guide Jeroen from Sneek is happy to help you on your way to the best spots with useful tips. Wilco and Robert Jan get on board especially for the VVV
experience predatory fish in Waterland.

We first receive safety instructions from the fishing guide before we set sail. The main message is to look behind you before casting the line to avoid hooking your fishing buddy. Sunglasses are mandatory even in bad weather and serve as safety goggles. Jeroen himself has been "crocheted" twice and he hopes not to experience this again. “There is already enough of that to be seen on Youtube. And no, predatory fishing is not a dangerous sport. People are only dangerous. ”

Still, after an exciting story about pike catching, we have our reservations. “When people go drill a pike, that is, catch and haul the fish, and they pull it on board too quickly… then it is really 'pissed'! If they catch a few pike in a row where they have not drilled long enough, then you will definitely have bloody limbs on board. Pike have 700 teeth! ” Well, the tone has been set. We sail towards the Sneekermeer.

Predatory fishing is not a dangerous sport. People are only dangerous

Caught a monster fish

We stop just in front of the Terherne lock, one of the fishing hotspots in the Sneekermeer. On the sonar we see that the bottom structure here is ideal. Wilco and Robert Jan start with 'jigging' where the trick is to tap the lure fish, the so-called 'shads', each time a 15 to 30 cm from the bottom and then slowly return them to the bottom using a tight line. let it float. You imitate a small injured fish, an easy prey for a predatory fish.

After half an hour of getting used to the material and the technique, Wilco is catching on. Bite! The rod is strung in a bow and everyone gets an adrenaline shot. Jeroen immediately takes the landing net, but soon concludes that he needs the bigger one for this one. After a good fight, the fish is brought on board under many "ooh", "mighty beautiful" and other positive unrepeatable expletives. Wow, what a monster fish. We measure 84 cm. "I haven't had such a copy on board yet this year!" Jeroen exclaims. "I estimate it weighs about 4 pounds." After a lightning-fast photoshoot with the fish, Jeroen quickly brings the zander back into the water. In this way the fish stock remains up to standard and Waterland van Friesland predatory fish spot number one.

Fishing is the best in Friesland

Impressed, Robert Jan and Wilco continue fishing. “I think it's great,” says Robert Jan. “I've fished all over the world and I've never thought of fishing with a fishing guide before, but I love it. The most beautiful place to fish? That is Friesland, my home. And yes, now Wilco has caught such a beautiful fish. I wish him wholeheartedly, but I allow myself a little bit more, ”he laughs.


Predatory fishing by moonlight

Predatory fishing in the evening or at night is of course extra exciting and also ideal for beginners. You learn to trust your feelings even more, because you see your rod less well. You notice subtle movements on the fishing line.

Catch and release: the fish always go back

Catfish in Waterland

There seem to be more monster fish swimming in the Sneekermeer, including catfish. “They have always been there, but we used to fish with a nylon line,” explains Jeroen. “That wasn't strong enough to catch them. Now we fish with braided wire, so who knows, we might just get one out again. ” And so there were more beautiful "sweat stories" on the boat about catching beautiful fish, the best swims and the best equipment. With the beautiful weather it is a great morning. Fishing is also highly recommended in the autumn, when the fish eat themselves before winter and are the thickest. “But I always put the fish back,” explains Jeroen. "I only work with 'catch and release'."

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