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Inspiration Story: Autumn walk in Sint Nicolaasga

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The birch fungus, russulas, milk fungi and fly fungi greet you happily in the Wilhelmina-oard and the Vegelin woods. Walk on narrow forest paths, past meadows and smell the scent of falling leaves. And that one mushroom, which is red with white dots ... would a gnome live there? Enjoy a lovely walk in these forests in the fall.

Start at Hotel De Oorsprong

You can take a walk from several places, but we will park your car at Hotel de Oosprong in Sint Nicolaasga. A large plate of "coffee with apple pie" lures us to this hotel full of rich history. And that history goes all the way back to the year 1885. Two families, Van Eysinga and Vegelin van Claerbergen, saw that the Friesian horse was threatened with extinction. With the construction of "De Origins", a new way of parking was set up with lots of light and air.

A successful breeding program was established to preserve the breed for the future. The future of the iconic Frisian horse was guaranteed in "the Origin". You can now enjoy a good night's sleep in the hotel, which is still largely in its original state. Or good food, drink coffee and soak up the atmosphere of yesteryear. We lay a fine base with a cappuccino and a lukewarm apple pie with whipped cream for our walk.

We immediately get a "fresh nose" feeling, wonderful

Land of badgers, roe deer, gnomes and "talking" trees

The blue-red wooden posts indicate the route on the forest paths through the Vegelin woods and we immediately get a 'fresh nose' feeling, wonderful. We walk through the land that used to be owned by lords and maids. For their pleasure they planted forests here on this poor and desolate ground. Now this is the land of badgers, roe deer, gnomes and "talking" trees. Unfortunately, you probably won't spot a badger during the day, but you can clearly see from the badger setts that this special nocturnal animal has quietly declared this forest its home. We continue on the sandy paths. On to the gnome path which is fun for children, but also for adults.

vliegenzwam met blad

Gnome Bunny and the five little turtle friends

During the walk we can look for gnomes. Beautiful figures with faces have been made of trees along the gnome path. One tree even looks like a harp. They were created by chainsaw artist Banzai-John. He makes all kinds of figures from faded trees around the pond. Every year he makes at least one new tree artwork, because sometimes a tree sometimes decays. It keeps the path alive. The figures have signs with a story and sometimes an assignment. For example, we read about the gnome Bunny who comes to a bench every afternoon to talk with the five little turtle friends who live under the bench. Exciting!

een houten schildpad in het kabouterbos van Sint Nicolaasga twee meisjes die bij een houten paddenstoel staan.

Along the way you will be treated to the most beautiful mushrooms and birds

A bunch of nobility: Wilhelmina-oard

In the distance, Wilhelmina-oard already beckons, the distinguished estate whose forest has been managed by It Fryske Gea since 1986. In 1904, four unmarried young ladies took the initiative to build Wilhelmina-oard, named after their mother. The invigorating environment is said to work wonders for the mind and body. And indeed, it is beautiful here. Here you stroll along the long, straight oak and beech avenues. Along the way you will be treated to the most beautiful mushrooms and birds such as the golden oriole, nuthatch and blackcap, which enchants you with its song.

Take a walk of your choice

The best part is to make the complete walk, in which you make a semicircle around the village of Sint Nicolaasga. A tour of 2 to 3 hours, but can also be shortened at your own discretion.

Walking folder of Wilhelmina-oard
Een bospad in Sint Nicolaasga.

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