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The anchorages of marboei

Every year there were more and now there are more than 100: the MarBoe from 'recreation Marrekrite' in the Frisian waters. Most yellow-blue buoys are located in Waterland of Friesland, but always in a special place in the middle of the water. By mooring that place becomes completely yours for a while. You are away from all the hustle and bustle and experience the peace and space around you. A source of inspiration that various poets have set to work with.

Poetic anchorages

For example, poet Ellen Deckwitz made a boat trip for the first time in her life, Elmar Kuiper looked at the past on the "Swarte Brekken" and Jaap Krol went up and down on the "Sleattemer Mar". Erik Lidner's poem at the bottom of the page is about the MarBoei at Boornzwaag. Here, in his eyes, water and land became one. He saw a tractor driving into the meadows from the water. They seemed to be on the same level, they were both on the same plain. This image never let go of him and inspired him for his poem. All poems, anchorages and information about the MarBoei can be read on


Erik Lindner

A ship turns over open water
the tractor pulls over the same plain
flowers bloom in even waves
trees bending the masts on the shore

duck feathers huddled
stuck on the decking
the stubble of reed collars

a flooded village in wet grassland
bubbles bubble to the surface

roots of trees hanging from the zenith
the steel cable from the bottom to the buoy.

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