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Forests in Southwest Friesland

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  • Gaasterland Forests

    Gaasterland Forests

    Gaasterland is a patchwork landscape of low hills (gaasten), cliffs and magnificent forests. Including the Rijsterbos forest, which grows down to the edge of Lake IJsselmeer. This is a wonderful area for walking, cycling, horse riding and mountain biking.

  • Jolderenbos


    The Jolderenbos is one of the oldest forests of Gaasterland. The first trees were planted here more than 300 years ago!

  • Harichsterbos


    The Harichsterbos, a forest of 66 hectares, is located south of Harich and southwest of Balk. The forest has a so-called rabat structure.

  • Lycklamabos - Nijemirdum

    Lycklamabos - Nijemirdum

    The ancient Lycklamabos is located in Gaasterland.

  • Rijsterbos


    The Rijsterbos woods are one of the most famous in Friesland.

  • Bremer Wildernis

    Bremer Wildernis

    De Bremer Wildernis ligt in Gaasterland, vlakbij Nijemirdum en grenst aan het Lycklamabos en de Starnumanbossen.

  • Bos Elfbergen - Oudemirdum

    Bos Elfbergen - Oudemirdum

    Bos Elfbergen is the largest forest in Gaasterland.

  • Starnumanbossen


    You will not find only neat rows of planted trees, stately avenues, and tightly maintained sandy paths here; this is a natural forest! The western part of the forest is even a forest reserve.

  • Haulsterbos

    Haulsterbos Een bospad in het Haulsterbos

    Southeast of Joure the Haulsterbossen can be found, in which you can enjoy a lovely stroll.

  • Vegelinbossen Forests

    Vegelinbossen Forests

    The Vegelinbossen forests were planted on the sand ridge on which the village of St Nicolaasga sits. Mayor Johan Vegilin van Claerbergen arranged for the forests to be planted in 1722. Today this is a beautiful place to go walking, cycling, horse riding.

    Sint Nicolaasga
  • Flietsterbosk Forest

    Flietsterbosk Forest

    Flietsterbosk is a small but varied recreational forest full of hawthorn, willow, beech, poplar and alder trees. This delightful woodland near the village of Witmarsum attracts a wide variety of birdlife, small mammals, butterflies and insects.


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