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The Scharsterrijnbrug is located on the A6 motorway, just before the Joure interchange. Due to the busy nature of this highway, the bridge is only open for 1 minute every half hour.

A Rhine journey through Friesland? That's not the case, but this bridge is located in the ditch called Skarster Rien, and translated to Dutch, it becomes Rijn.

Dimensions of the movable part of the bridge:
- Height: 3.5 meters (when closed)
- Width: 7 meters

Do you have a boat that is higher than 3.5 meters? Then, as a water sports enthusiast, you may have to wait here occasionally until this bridge is opened for you.

Check the Watersport app from the Provinsje Fryslân for the operating hours of this and other bridges.

This bridge belongs to Rijkswaterstaat, which also takes care of its operation.

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Here you will find Scharsterrijnbrug

A 6
8517 HG Scharsterbrug
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