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Fries Landbouwmuseum (Frisian Agricultural Museum)


Friesland has been an agricultural province for centuries. Since time immemorial, farmers have kept livestock and worked the land. In the Frisian Agricultural Museum, you (re)experience the valuable traces that all those agricultural activities have...

The Fries Landbouwmuseum is a modern, lively museum. The museum shows the living, working and living conditions of the farmer during different periods. You see the farmer as a food producer, first for himself, then as a supplier of his environment and later as a linchpin in world food production. The story of the Frisian farmer is shown through a valuable and extensive collection of agricultural tools and objects that were used in arable farming, livestock farming and dairy production. Everything is felt more intensely from the films of bygone times.

South of Leeuwarden, on the line separating city from countryside, is the beautiful national monumental farmhouse that houses the Frisian Agricultural Museum. In this farm museum from 1909, you will find a 2000 year history of Frisian agriculture: arable farming, the dairy industry, agricultural mechanization, the farm as a cathedral of the landscape and culture. The stories told by the museum show you how agriculture is constantly innovating, whether forced circumstances or not. You experience the impact that agriculture had and has on culture, the economy, the landscape and the countryside.

There is a permanent exhibition, but various temporary exhibitions are also shown throughout the year. For the children there is a fun treasure hunt in which they can learn milking cows, among other things. Outside there is a beautiful garden with more than 100 different and rare Frisian breeds and crops.

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Here you will find Fries Landbouwmuseum (Frisian Agricultural Museum)

Felling 6
8912 CG Leeuwarden
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