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Harbor of Laaksum


The harbor of Laaksum is an idyllic spot in Southwest Friesland. We often refer to it as the smallest fishing harbor in Europe.

The harbor of Laaxum (Laaksum in Frisian) is an idyllic spot in Southwest Friesland. It's often referred to as the smallest fishing harbor in Europe, consisting of a harbor, several fishing houses, a farmhouse, and a smokehouse. Only a handful of people live here.

In 1345, the village played a role in the 'Battle of Warns': an army from Count William IV of Holland landed here to attack the Frisians.

Laaxum used to be a genuine fishing village, focusing on catching flounder and later eel. When the Afsluitdijk was built in 1932, it marked the end of fishing in this area. Only two brothers remained, continuing to fish on the IJsselmeer, with their boat moored in the harbor of Laaxum.

Due to its beautiful location on the dike and the IJsselmeer, Laaxum is a sight to see. On a lovely summer day, it attracts cyclists, motorcyclists, and other day trippers.

In the former smokehouse, a square building where herring used to be salted and smoked, there is now a fish restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious seafood meal.

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