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Sloepverhuur Bolsward


Sloepverhuur Bolsward rents out a spacious comfortable sloop including skipper for a maximum of 12 people and also 8-person electric boats which you can sail yourself without a license. In both cases it is optimal to enjoy water-rich Friesland.

If you rent the 12-person sloop with skipper, you can choose from 7 different routes from 2 hours to a full day, possibly in combination with one of the surprising packages. Catering is also possible, so the choice is huge.

The 8-person electric boat that you can sail yourself without a license can be rented per half day to a full day, is equipped with a luxury cushion set and the extensive battery package guarantees 10 hours of sailing at a cruising speed of 7 km / h. You can also choose from several digital routes for this sloop.

Whether you sail with or without a skipper, in both cases the choice of routes from Bolsward is enormous, so sailing pleasure and enjoyment of the breathtaking Frisian nature are guaranteed.

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Here you will find Sloepverhuur Bolsward

Werkmansbloei 16
8701 HA Bolsward
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