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HappyWhale Sneek


HappyWhale provides a happy experience on the water. Anyone can easily rent a comfortable, electric sloop at one of our locations on the site. Silent sailing is the new sailing.

HappyWhale has a fleet of high-quality electric boats, all equipped with a powerful electric motor and an extensive battery pack for 12 hours of seamless sailing. These boats, built in Friesland, require minimal maintenance and are ideal for both entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to contribute to the sustainability of water sports in Friesland. The HappyWhale boats are self-steering, easy to operate, and can be started using a mobile phone. The HappyWhale fleet includes 5 types of boats.

Reserve your own boat through this website and receive an extra 10% discount with the promo code HAPPYVVV. You can book for the same day! Book now directly!

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Here you will find HappyWhale Sneek

RCN Vakantiepark de Potten
De Potten 5
8626 GG Offingawier
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