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Inspiration story: World city Hindeloopen

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Creative innovation keeps craft alive

Hindeloopen has evolved over the years from an important trading and fishing town on the Zuiderzee into a tourist attraction. The idiosyncrasy of this metropolis remains a constant source of inspiration for artists and craftsmen. By continuing to "mix", "match" and innovate, Hindeloopen's craft and identity remain alive. A city that is worth (re) discovering.

Hindelooper traditional costume: inspiration for contemporary designers

In the 17th century the Hindelooper women regularly crossed the Zuiderzee with the barge to pick up their men in Amsterdam or to wave goodbye. There they saw the exotic treasures brought in by the Dutch East India Company. Especially for the beautifully decorated cotton fabrics, chests and fur, they liked to dig deep into their pockets. At home in Hindeloopen they processed the fabrics in their own traditional costume. Flowers and diamonds were combined to create a colorful whole. It is these stories and techniques that still give contemporary designers ideas. A world-famous example is the jacket with the accompanying clogs by the design duo Victor & Rolf.


Er zijn in totaal 7 jurken te zien die te hangen om een paspop. Dit zijn jurken in de vroegere klederdracht van Hindeloopen.

By continuing to 'mix', 'match' and innovate, the craft and identity of Hindeloopen remains alive

New dimension to Hindelooper style with "Oak Inside"

A special collection of furniture arose from a collaboration between designer Christien Meindertsma and studio Roosje Hindeloopen. This design collection called "Oak Inside" has contemporary interpretations respecting the 400 year old Hindelooper tradition. After Meindertsma dissected the history of Hindelooper furniture, she decided to use oak again. Oak wood was initially used until tax was imposed on its possession. She discovered that oak turns dark blue when it comes into contact with iron. This natural way of coloring is used in the "Oak Inside" furniture collection with contemporary designs based on ancient painting. Part of the collection can be viewed in Roosje Hindeloopen's shop at Nieuwstad 44.

cultures constantly influence each other, but their own background does not have to be denied

Flora and Fauna fountain: mix between Chinese and Hindeloopers

At the Nieuweweg in Hindeloopen you will find the Flora and Fauna fountain by designer Shen Yuan. The source of inspiration for the fountain is the tree of life on the city's coat of arms, with the deer and the doe surrounding it. The tree symbolizes the life energy, but also stands for wisdom. The deer and the doe feed on this. Beautiful exotic birds reside in the tree. When you sit on the large, wooden antlers that surround the tree, you can see how they "talk" to each other in a gargoyle. Shen Yuan shows in all her work that cultures constantly influence each other, but also that you do not have to deny your own background. You will always see traces of traditional Chinese art combined with impressive craftsmanship. All of this fits seamlessly into Hindeloopen's own yet open culture.

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