Day trips and Cruises

Want to go on the water, but do not want to sail on your own? There is plenty of choice! You can choose from a comfortable round-trip boat with many facilities to a cruise or tour with a flatboat, a barge or an authentic skûtsje. Sail with a sloop with skipper through the canals of towns and villages; for example, on the Houten Bok in IJlst. Or go nostalgic sailing from Heeg or Koudum with the beautifully restored saloon boats on the Frisian Lakes. Alternate between land and water activities and take the bike on board the ferry boat, a skûtsje-connection between Balk and Heeg. It is also very nice to sail with a flatboat between Stavoren and the Gaasterland forests. Or choose a round-trip boat or city flatboat from the centre of Sneek or Sloten. Whichever you choose, be welcome on board at one of the tour options listed below. You can book them at the tourist office!