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Water sports city of Sneek

Sneek (or Snits as we say here in Friesland) is the water sports city of the Netherlands. Each year, Sneek hosts the largest inland water competitive sailing event of Europe; the Sneekweek. But Sneek has more to offer than simply water sports and the Sneekweek. The city is alive with events, culture, unique hotspots and lovely shops. Sneek is one of the Frisian cities, known for its Water Gate and, since 2018, the Fortuna fountain. Will you join us in this bustling city?


The Sneekermeer is the water sports hotspot of Friesland. Of course during the Sneekweek, when around 700 sailing boats compete in one of the largest contests on European inland waters, but also at other times of the year. The Sneekermeer is a fantastic spot to relax at one of the waterside cafés or on the water, to cycle around the lake or hire a dinghy, sailing boat, SUP or canoe to discover the lake and its surrounding pools for yourself.

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