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Information point Gaastmeer (d'Ald Herberch)


At Restaurant d'Ald Herberch in Gaastmeer you will find the information point with all the tourist information about the area.

Here you will find (digital) basic information about the region. You can find our inspirational newspapers and magazines as well as a selection of other informative products. Our local on site can also tell you a lot about our region. Are you looking for the full range of our region and more extensive information, then go to one of our VVV Inspiration Shops or VVV Locations.

Here you will find Information point Gaastmeer (d'Ald Herberch)

Folder informatiepunt Gaastmeer, bij Waterrecreatie Syperda
Munkedyk 2
8611 JM Gaastmeer
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