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Fortified city of Sloten

Sloten (or Sleat as we say here in Friesland) is the smallest of the famous Frisian cities. This fortified mini city is also known as sipelstêd (Frisian for onion city), because of its unique onion shape. Each year, there is a fun annual market on Sipelsneon, which translates as Onion Saturday. Discover all the treasures of Sloten during a guided tour, which can be booked at the tourist information office. A staff member or possibly even the town crier will take you on a tour of the corn mill, bastions, city gates and the monumental merchant houses.


Sloten really is a fortified city and still has an active town crier, Pieter Haringsma. During the peak season, Pieter calls the city together each Friday evening for the traditional firing of the canons on the grounds of De Kaai corn mill. He gives an enthusiastic explanation of how it all works. The canons are fired by the city's civic guard, in full traditional costume. Come and see it for yourself!

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